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Wine List

Champagne & Sparkling

Chapel Down Sparkling Bacchus – Kent, England (VG) Aromas of pineapple, grapefruit and elderflower. The palate is tropical and floral with a crisp texture and a refreshing finish. 125ml – £7.50 | BTL – £40.00

Chapel Down Classic Brut – Kent, England Elegant aromas of red apple, lemongrass and freshly baked bread together with hints of strawberry, citrus and quince on the palate. Crisp and fresh with lively acidity and fine persistent bubbles. BTL – £60.00

Chapel Down Brut Rose – Kent, England A delicate pale peach colour. Aormas of fresh strawberries and raspberries with background notes of toasty shortbread. It has a fine creamy mousse and a rich dry finish. BTL – £65.00

Hush Heath Balfour Leslie’s Reserve  – Kent, England A wine which red apple characters dominate. Rich and unctuous, with flavours of ripe black and red fruits not often seen in traditional method sparkling wines. The fruit flavours combine wonderfully with an underlying creamy finish and fabulous hint of sweetness. BTL – £60.00

Hush Heath Balfour Brut Rosè – Kent, England Typically, vibrant English acidity combines with ripe orchard and summer berry fruits. A wonderfully long and refreshing finish. BTL – £75.00 

Revilo Prosecco – Italy (VG) Intense and fruity with a rich scent of apple, lemon and grapefruit combined with wisteria and acacia flowers. 125ml – £6.00 | BTL – £30.00

Laurent Perrier Rosé Cuvée Brut – France (VG) Well-rounded palate and the slightly sharp attack is like breathing the heady aromas of a freshly-picked basket of berry fruits. BTL – £120.00

Laurent Perrier La Cuvee Brut – France (VG) A delicate mellowness, finesse and freshness combine citrus and stone fruit to achieve a remarkable balance, in a succession of constantly shifting taste sensations and a long, satisfying finish. BTL – £100.00

Freixenet Non-Alcoholic Prosecco 0.0% 200ml Pale bright yellow colour with fizzy bubbles, refreshing tropical notes and elegant citrus hints. BTL – £5.00

Red wine

Biddenden Gribble Bridge Red, Kent, England Fresh raspberries and summer fruits abound in this refreshing, light red wine. Dornfelder is an ideal accompaniment to Mediterranean style meals. 175ml – £7.50 | 250ml – £10.60 | BTL £30.00

Balfour Luke’s Pinot Noir, Kent, England (VG) Light ruby red. Delicate aromas of vanilla and raspberry. Red berry fruits, cherry, raspberry and spicy vanilla.
BTL £45.00

Calusari Pinot Noir, Romania (VG) Gorgeous flavours, almost syrupy in its concentration. Dark, rich and potent, with layers of black cherry, raspberry and cinnamon. Deep, with pretty fruit cake and spicy aromatics Lingering aftertaste. 175ml – £6.50 | 250ml – £9.30 | BTL £28.00

Baglio Gibellina Passimiento, Italy (VG) Intense red fruit aromas and the palate is warm and full-bodied with harmonious acidity, smooth and elegant tannins. 175ml – £8.70 | 250ml – £12.70 | BTL £36.00

Finca Vista Malbec, Argentina (VG) Deliciously fruity with notes of blackberry, plum and black cherry. The light oak ageing gives soft and supple tannins and a long, full finish.  175ml – £7.00 | 250ml – £10.00 | BTL – £28.00

Alameda Merlot, Chile (VG)This wine is deep red in colour with violet highlights. It offers intense aromas of red fruits and plums, overlaid with pleasant notes of wood. It tastes fruity on the palate, with rounded tannins, which, together with a delicious acidity, make up a long, delightful finish with plenty of mature fruits.
175ml – £6.50 | 250ml – £9.30 | BTL – £26.00

Explorer Shiraz, Australia Made with parcels of select Shiraz from the renowned Coonawarra, on the Limestone Coast in Australia. Aromas of spicy dark fruits, bramble, and black pepper with a richly fruit-driven palate. BTL – £29.00

El Meson Rioja, Spain This modern Tempranillo has lively red fruit, complemented by a touch of vanilla and spice, fine acidity and smooth tannins. BTL £35.00 

white wine

Chapel Down Bacchus, Kent, England Fresh, aromatic and fragrant, Bacchus white wine is exemplary of the modern English style. With fruit aromas of grapefruit, melon and green apple, and tasting notes of citrus and pineapple. 175ml – £8.60 | 250ml – £12.30 | BTL – £35.00

Biddenden Gribble Bridge White, Kent, England A lovely nose of soft apple blossom and gentle apricot lead to a palate that is just off-dry but deliciously fresh and easy to get along with. 175ml – £7.50 | 250ml – £10.70 | BTL – £30.00

Balfour Springfield Chardonnay, Kent, England (VG) A fresh palate with hints of grapefruit, green apple and cinnamon. Skilful use of oak has produced a wine of great intensity, complexity and purity. The finish is long, with lime and salty notes. BTL – £38.00

Cortefresia Pinot Grigio, Italy (VG) Famed for its bright citrus flavours, zippy acidity & refreshing minerality. 175ml – £6.50 | 250ml – £9.30 | BTL – £26.00

Alameda Sauvignon Blanc, Chile (VG) This pale yellow wine with green tints has intense and expressive aromas of fresh fruit, such as grapefruit, green apple and pineapple, that intermingle with notes of white flowers, jasmine and orange blossom. On the palate, it is fresh and fruity with well-balanced acidity and a pleasant finish.
175ml – £6.50 | 250ml – £9.30 | BTL £26.00

Castillo Chardonnay, Spain (VG) Very bright lemon-yellow colour with an intense tropical and stone fruits aroma. Fresh, with a typical silky touch on the mouth. 175ml – £9.10 | 250ml – 13.00 | BTL £37.00

Nuovo Quadro Gavi di Gavi, Italy (VG) Fresh and zesty citrus notes and ripe peachy characters are balanced by crisp acidity and mineral notes, leading to a textural, complex finish. BTL – £45.00 

Pique & Mixe Picpoul, France (VG) Pale yellow colour with brilliant green reflections, a fresh and fruity nose marked by notes of lemon and grapefruit; exotic, lively and fresh in the mouth, revealing a beautiful richness supported by citrus flavours and beautiful length.  175ml – £7.90 | 250ml – 11.30 | BTL £32.00

Mirror Lake Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand Mirror Lake Sauvignon Blanc 2022 from Marlborough in New Zealand is a fantastic Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Attractively green fruited and lively, with gooseberry and lime, plus elderflower and candy notes. Just as it should be – fresh clean vibrant and uncomplicated. BTL – £35.00

rose wine

Chapel Down English Rose, Kent England Hints of pineapple, citrus, stone fruits, hazelnuts and vanilla with a light roasted tone and a fresh finish with a crisp acidity.  175ml – £8.60 | 250ml – £12.30 | BTL – £35.00

Biddenden Gribble Bridge Rose, Kent, England Produced with the Dornfelder and Ortega in the traditional manner by overnight maceration of the fruit prior to pressing to help to intensify the full fruit flavour.  175ml – £7.50 | 250ml – £10.70 | BTL -£30.00

Hush Heath Nannettes English Rose, Kent, England Delicate pale apricot, Provencal pink. This Rose is bright on the nose, with ripe Kentish strawberries, red apples and pink grapefruit combined with fresh thyme and a hint of nuttiness. In the palette it is dry and refreshing with characteristic English acidity. Wild strawberry, citrus and crisp apple characters dominate.  BTL – £34.00

Cortefresia Pinot Grigio Rose Blush Wonderfully refreshing and vibrant, full of rich summer fruit with balanced acidity and a delicate floral nose, Cortefresia Pinot Grigio Rosé is a real crowd pleaser. By combining everything we love from Pinot Grigio with the fruity and flavoursome characteristics of a rosé. 175ml – £6.50 | 250ml – £9.30 | BTL – £26.00

St Louis de Provence Rose, France (VG) Fresh, vibrant and pale pink in colour. Dry in style with aromatic rose petals on the nose, this wine follows through with notes of cranberry and strawberry fruits on the palate with a mouth-watering finish. BTL – £37.00

Rosé Bud White Zinfandel, USA Delightful aromas and flavours of red berries and hints of citrus, withstrawberries and cream on the palate with a crisp, succulent finish. 175ml – £6.50 | 250ml – £9.30 | BTL – £26.00

Drink Menu


Apple Refresher Apple Juice, Elderflower Cordial, Lime, Mint £5.00

Passion Fruit Fizz Passion Fruit Puree, Orange Juice, Lemonade, Soda £5.00

Ginger Cooler Blueberry, Ginger Beer, Apple Juice £5.00

draught beers & ciders

Jake’s Lager 4.5% Half Pint – £3.50 | Pint £6.50

Jake’s IPA 4.3% Half Pint – £3.50 | Pint – £6.50 

Jake’s Cider 5.4% Half Pint – £3.50 | Pint £6.50 

Kentish Lager 4.1% Half Pint – £3.50 | Pint £6.50

Whitstable Bay Blonde 4.5% Half Pint – £3.50 | Pint £6.50

Oyster Stout 4.5% Half Pint – £3.50 | Pint £6.50

Kentish Ales (Ask for today’s selection) Half Pint – £3.50 | Pint £6.50

bottled lager & cider

Peroni 5.1% 330ml £4.50

Corona 4.5% 330ml £4.50

Peroni Gluten Free 5.1% 330ml £4.30

Peroni Libra 0% Alcohol Free 330ml £4.30

Heineken 0.0 Alcohol Free 330ml £4.30

Non-Alcoholic Kopparberg 500ml £5.00

Crabbies Ginger Beer 500ml £5.20

Dudda’s Tun Cider 500ml Greenhorn 5.2% | Perry 5.5% | Spiced 4% | Blackcurrant 4% | Cherry 4% | Apricot 4% –  £6.50

soft drinks

Owlet Apple Juice 250ml £3.50

Coke/Diet Coke 330ml £3.50

Orange Juice 200ml £2.50

Tomato Juice 200ml £2.80

Kingsdown Still/Sparkling Water 250ml £2.80

Kingsdown Still/Sparkling Water 750ml £5.50

Kingsdown Cloudy Lemonade 250ml £4.00

Kingsdown Sparkling Apple 250ml £4.00

Fever Tree Mixers £2.90 

Draft Soda Pepsi | Diet Pepsi | Pepsi Max | Lemonade £2.60

Liqueurs & Other Tipples (25ml)

Baileys 17% (50ml) £5.00

Chambord 16.5% £4.10

Cointreau 40% £4.20

Disaronno 28% £4.60

Tia Maria 26.5% £4.60

Copper Rivet Coffee Liqueur 25% £4.80

Passoa 17% £3.80

brandies (25ml)

Courvoisier 40% £4.90

Hennessey 40% £5.80

gins (25ml)

Chapel Down Pinot Noir 41.2% £4.70

Chapel Down Bacchus 41.2% £4.70

Dockyard Gin 41.2% £4.60

Dockyard Strawberry Gin 40% £4.60

Dockyard Damson Gin 28% £4.60

Anno Dry 43% £4.60

Anno Cranberry 29% £4.60

Anno B3rry 40% £4.60

Anno Sloe 29% £4.60

Bathtub Gin 43.3% £4.80

Maidstone George Bishop 43% £5.00

Maidstone Ranscombe Wild 40% £5.10

Whitley Neill Raspberry 43% £4.60

Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger 43% £4.60

Whitley Neill Blood Orange 43% £4.60

Whitley Neill Parma Violet 43% £4.60

vodkas (25ml)

Chapel Down Chardonnay 40% £4.70

Vela 40% £4.60

Belvedere Vodka 40% £5.50

rums (25ml)

Captain Morgan Dark 40% £4.60

Captain Morgan Spiced 35% £4.60

Kraken 47% £4.80

Malibu 21% £4.40

Rum Bullion 42.6% £5.90

Westerhall No.2 40% £4.50

Westerhall No.3 40% £4.80

Westerhall No.7 40% £5.10

Westerhall No.10 40% £5.40

whiskies (25ml)

Copper Rivet Masthouse Pot Malt 45% £6.30

Copper Rivet Masthouse Column Malt 45% £6.30

Copper Rivet Masthouse Grain Whisky 45% £6.30

Jameson 40% £4.70

Jack Daniels 40% £4.80

Glenfiddich 40% £5.50

Talisker 45.8% £5.60

Woodford Reserve 43.2% £5.80

Monkey Shoulder 40% £5.70

Southern Comfort 35% £4.50

Bells 40% £4.00



Archers 18% £4.20

Pimms 25% (50ml) £5.00

Taylors Port 20% (50ml) £4.80

Aperol 11% (50ml) £5.00


All ALCOHOLIC cocktails £11.00

non alcoholic cocktails £9.50

(All cocktails marked with * can be non alcoholic)

Smoking Old Fashioned Woodford Reserve Whiskey, Sugar Syrup, Angostura Bitters

Pornstar Martini* Dockyards Vela Vodka, Passoa, Passion Fruit Puree, Vanilla Syrup, Shot of Prosecco

Negroni Garden Rosemary Infused Campari, Dockyard Gin, Sweet Vermouth, Orange Bitters

Gin Berry Fizz Anno Sloe Gin, Anno B3rry Gin, Lemonade

Mojito* Westerhall No2, Fresh Lime Juice, Sugar Syrup, Soda, Fresh Mint Leaves

Margarita* Tequila, Cointreau, Sugar Syrup, Fresh Lime Juice

Cosmopolitan* Dockyards Vela Vodka, Cointreau, Cranberry Juice, Sugar Syrup

Rhubarb & Custard Dockyards Vela Vodka, Garden Rhubarb Syrup, Homemade Advocaat

Espresso Martini* Kent Roasted Espresso, Copper Rivet Coffee Liqueur, Dockyards Vela Vodka, Vanilla Sugar Syrup

After Dinner Drinks


Kent Coffee Liqueur £4.80

Disaronno £4.60

Tia Maria £4.60

Port £4.80

Cointreau £4.20

Baileys £5.00

Spiced Rum £4.60

Fresh cream floater

Why not add a shot of…

Baileys +£5.00

Whiskey +£4.10

Cointreau +£4.20

Disaronno +£4.60

Dark Rum +£4.60

Spiced Rum +£4.60


Loose Leaf Teas from The Kent & Sussex Tea Company

English Breakfast £3.90
Earl Grey £3.90
Ceylon Orange Pekoe £3.90
Camomile Flowers £3.90
Hibiscus Flower Tea £3.90
Moroccan Mint Tea £3.90


Espresso £2.20

Double Espresso £3.50

Americano £2.70

Latte £3.20

Mocha £3.50

Hot Chocolate £3.00

Cappuccino £3.00


Hazelnut | Vanilla | Caramel | Gingerbread £0.60

after dinner cocktails

Espresso Martini | Pornstar Martini | Old Fashioned £11.00