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Vegan Food

homegrown produce & Green menus

With over 150 varieties of produce now growing in our Kitchen Garden, our vegan menu boasts the very best of homegrown fruit, veg and herbs. With zero food miles, the result is ‘Green’, fresh and tasty seasonal dishes. Our chefs creatively use as much of the produce as possible, to reduce waste and serve unique flavours born from our greenhouse, polytunnels and fruit cage, straight to your table.

Our vegan menu is available during our dinner and Sunday Lunch services. Please be aware we require a pre-order to eat from the vegan menu 72 hours prior to your reservation. The reason? We want you to enjoy a unique and delicious menu created specifically for a vegan dining experience. Not a menu that uncreatively replicates meat dishes with a substitute. At this time we are not experiencing enough demand for vegan dishes to put on a permanent menu that meets our sustainability and zero-waste ethos. Therefore we ask you to please pre-order your meal so we can crop specific ingredients from the Kitchen Garden and commit whole-heartedly to reducing food waste. 

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A Note From Head Chef, James Pilcher

“Crafting our vegan menu was an absolute pleasure. With 1.5 acres of Kitchen Garden and over 150 carefully selected produce varieties, each season yields an abundance of new crops and the excitement of new ingredients to bring from the garden to your table. Much of this produce you can’t buy at market, and I get the upmost enjoyment from cooking with something completely unheard of. I’m a believer in using every edible part of the produce creatively, from root to flower, so I hope you get to try something new and special on your visit to us.”

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See how our garden grows

From one humble lettuce bed back in 2013, our Kitchen Garden has grown to over 1.5 acres, with a greenhouse for our newly planted seedlings, fruit cage home to sweet, seasonal produce and two polytunnels protecting our heirloom varieties from the elements. Our veg beds grow all sorts of fresh leafy greens and delicious veggies including lettuce, cabbage varieties, sweetcorn, chard and asparagus (just to name a few), alongside our secret orchard with blossoming trees in the spring, swaying grasses in summer & ripe fruit trees in autumn, growing varieties of apples and pears. The hedgerows surrounding the orchard are foraged for other seasonal produce like sea buckthorn and rosehips. Providing a perfectly tranquil spot, take a look around next time you visit The Ferry House.

Garden Ethos

The green fingers of our garden team are responsible for growing our Kitchen Garden produce, cropping the freshest ingredients daily and working closely with our chefs to provide the very best fruit, veg and herbs present on our menus. Focusing on heirloom varieties and rare produce hard (if not impossible) to find at wholesalers, as well as foraging from our bountiful hedgerows and neighbouring shorelines, making the most of our waterside location. What better way to showcase our unique, fresh and lovingly prepared garden produce than as part of our vegan menu?

Green Dining

We are always looking for creative ways to reduce wastage, the environmental impact of our operations and support the garden. Our composter uses all of the restaurant's food waste (except bones and shells) to produce inhouse, nutrient-rich compost that goes back into fertilising the garden. To water our produce and to run the restaurant we use only our own treated well water. We also have half an acre of solar panels, which power the entire business. We are passionate about the sustainability of our business, preserving the beautiful landscape around our home and lowering our environmental impact. Our 'Plot to Plate' ethos yields at zero road miles and showcasing local companies, such as Copper Rivet Distillery who use our farmed grains to make their spirits, means we are constantly working towards strengthening our environmental values.


In such beautiful natural surrounds, the biodiversity of our garden in support of the local ecosystem is incredibly important to us. Our gardeners plant wildflowers throughout the garden, making it a hot spot for pollinators, with the orchard and surrounding landscape kept wild, helping us to create good biodiversity throughout. Some flowers are also used for ‘companion planting’, meaning they are planted next to certain produce as a natural way to keep away pests (you’ll see lots of tagetes around, a type of marigold known for putting off insects), reduce our use of pesticides to near zero and encourage growth. We have also now homed four bee hives onsite which are producing honey for our kitchen and helping to keep our garden pollinated!

Proud Member of Produced In Kent

I have always triumphed local produce here at The Ferry House, so it was a natural progression for us to join ‘Produced in Kent’ - an organisation formed to help promote local produce, and to shout the message that local is best! By eating local produce, you are keeping the local economy alive, and there is no denying that Kent has a lot of fabulous food to offer. We already use a lot of Kent’s best produce, and we aim to increase this as much as possible by sourcing any products we don’t home produce from within a 30 mile radius.

Alex Burden